IST Pantheon Drupal Cloud Service

Pantheon provides powerful, easy-to-use tools for building and maintaining Drupal-based websites and applications.
 IST has partnered with San Francisco-based Pantheon to provide free state-of-the-art development tools and affordable hosting plans with 24/7 support.

Get a Free Developer Account
Go to and create a free Pantheon developer account. Use your email address when creating your account. Select "UC Berkeley" as organizational affiliation when creating a new site. This will give you access to forthcoming UC Berkeley Drupal distributions and other customizations, such as CAS and LDAP configurations, which will greatly simplify your Drupal development. When you are ready to take your site live using a UC Berkeley plan, please complete the site launch web form (CAS Authentication required).

Launch Your Site
Launch your Pantheon site with special UC Berkeley hosting plans! (CAS Authentication required). Links to this web form are provided from the Pantheon dashboard under the Plan tab and when you click Custom Domain Names (Pantheon considers adding a custom domain "going live").

Berkeley Plans
Pantheon has updated their hosting plans. Effective November 1, UC Berkeley Pantheon subscribers can select from three plans: Personal, Pro, and Enterprise. UC Berkeley subscribers receive substantial price discounts off Pantheon's public pricing (see table below), as well as access to custom features, such as custom distributions and the ability to purchase with campus billing chartstring. In addition, all Berkeley Pantheon plans include SSL support at no additional cost.

For more detail on plans see the descriptions of the corresponding plans on Pantheon's pages (which do not reflect UC Berkeley discounts).

Plan Cost (per month) Discount Plan Description Target Use Support
Personal (formerly "Basic") $20 20%

Small websites with modest traffic requirements. Hundreds of logged out visitors a day. Maintain a handful concurrent logged-in users*

personal blog or small project site 

best effort business hours support 

Pro $75 25%

Scalable run-time for business needs. Handle hundreds of thousands of monthly page views. Maintain hundreds of concurrent logged-in users*. 

group or department site 

priority business hours support 

Business $300 25%
  • Highly available workers
  • More memory
  • Site specific monitoring
  • Includes Multidev

priority business hours support 

phone support

Enterprise Depends on requirements 50%

For Enterprise class websites. Handle tens of millions of monthly page views. Maintain thousands of concurrent logged-in users*. SLA backed guaranteed uptime. Managed Scaling Support. 

custom web application or mission critical infrastructure 

2-hours business hours support response, 24/7 emergency on-call, Pantheon onboarding support, SLA with 99.9% guaranteed uptime. 

* Definition of "Concurrent Logged-In Vistors": Every Drupal site requires at least one administrator to log in in order to update site configuration. In some cases, a site has a team of people who log in to update content. As a rule of thumb, if you have a team of content editors and typically more than 3 of them need to be logged in to the site making many content (or configuration) updates at the same time, you may see performance decline on a Personal level site and you may want to upgrade to Pro.

Some Drupal sites have interactive features like "write a review," "rate a product" or "add a comment." These features usually require that visitor create accounts and log in to the site. If you expect to have more than 3 visitors logged into your site at the same time in order to use these interactive elements, you may see performance decline on a Personal level site and you may want to upgrade to Pro.

For more information about plans please refer to

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UC Berkeley-specific Modules

Modules for using CAS and configuring SMTP are available here.


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